“The architect Ramy Fischler has designed Twitter’s parisian offices in France as a real place of life and exchange. The layout has been designed to make as pleasant as optimal the different functions of the spaces like work, relaxation, concentration or meetings. ”

The flexibility and versatility of the lighting has been an essential aspect in the design of the spaces.

Across all project areas, along the façade walls, custom-made, backlit circular sconces are installed. Inspired by the elegant modénature of the woodworks of the opera, they come to emphasize the moldings.

In “common” spaces, the heart of traffic flows and the focus of exchanges, the atmosphere is dynamic and flexible. Four magnetic rails allow to evolve the atmosphere of the entire space by moving the diffentt types of fixtures along them. They can mix line of light, orientable spot light and custom pendant lamps to adapt the atmosphere in everyday life from the morning to the evening or for exceptional events.

In the interview studio, the lighting meets the constraints of video capture while combining the museographic aesthetics.

In order to complete the cozy atmosphere of the reception area, we have designed and developed a custom artistic effect, allowing the effect of a fire to be reproduced in the fireplace chimney. The programmed sequence of 20 minutes is repeated in a loop along the the day.

This project was carried out in collaboration with RF Studio agency.

Client : Twitter
Service : Architectural Lighting
Date : April, 2016