Light is More

Expert lighting design agency

Light is More is a company which merges the talents of three lighting specialists; an architect and designer, a lighting engineer and an optic and electronics engineer.

Three complimentary’s independent minds

This collaboration allows us to practice their common passion through transversal fields like architecture, scenography and design.

We have a combined know-how, so we can find creative, innovative and artistic solutions to make all your projects desires and dreams come true.

Where lights enliven the space and bring emotion

We are inspired by that which surrounds us, by day and by night, by the ordinary and the extraordinary, so we can create an environment in constant evolution.

Our work is fully aware of the science behind the light and the effect it has on humans and spatial environment. The weather, the time, the sun and the moon, the seasons, the physical aspects inside and the outside, are all parameters that physically affect our emotions, our performances, our daily circadian rhythm.

An artistic and engineering collective of light experts

Our inspiration comes from the past, present and future. Creations of the past are inspirations for a new and innovative future. We work with shadows, light, shapes and materials to create unique and sensitive light experiences.

Facing a new project, we are observant and attentive to your wants, your needs, your constraints. We analyze your space, your customs, your objectives and mix all that to find the spot-on idea, the real live entity. We look for solutions to ensure it’s feasible and adaptable with the budget and timeline of the project. Our analysis and technical answers are the guarantee of a reliable lighting, on conformity with the established norms.

Light is elusive, our expertise is essential to awaken your spaces.