Pauline David

Artistic director of the agency Light is More, Pauline is graduated from the National School of Architecture in Nancy (ENSAN) and has a master’s degree of global design, specialising in glass arts. Thanks to this double training, she discovered scenography, design, and lighting design, three complementary fields of architecture. Her professional experiences are plural and international, from the MDA studio in New York to Lumières studio in Paris, she collaborated with renowned architects and artists such as Rem Koolhaas, Sou Fujimoto, or Anish Kapoor. 

« I’m inspired by that which surrounds us, by day and by night, by the ordinary and the extraordinary, so I can create an environment in constant evolution. »

Fascinated by the place that light occupies in our daily lives, lighting design becomes an obvious choice for her. In 2014, she created Light is More, an agency specialised in light and composed of complementary specialists. Together they develop unique creations at the service of emotion and space in transversal fields such as architecture, scenography, and design.

« My work is fully aware of the science behind the light and the effect it has on humans and spatial environment. The weather, the time, the sun and the moon, the seasons, the physical aspects inside and outside, are all parameters that affect our emotions, our performances, our daily circadian rhythm. »

In 2019, on the launch of the Women’s Pavilion project for the Dubai World Expo (EXPO 2020), she is invited to join the women’s team to design the light show that will take place every day on the façade, a surprise at dusk and a light translation of the subject “New perspectives : when women thrive, humanity thrives”.