The majestic residence began its life as a home to the Thiers Foundation created in 1892.

In the 1980s the building became home to the Saint James Club of Paris, in the great tradition of London gentlemens clubs, remaining a symbol of French cultural and intellectual life.

The time-honoured Grand Hôtel codes have been scrupulously respected in this neoclassic building that embodies the iconic hôtel particulier. The Saint James, imagined as a gracious and luminous private residence, exudes a modern and timeless Parisian chic but also the soul of a real home. A warm, intimate spirit. A warm, intimate spirit.

In order to pay homage to the history of the place, the lighting is discreetly integrated into the existing listed architecture and furnitures. En lieu et place lorsque cela est possible ou ingénieusement intégré avec des socles sur mesure au cœur des chapiteaux ou le long des corniches.

It is the case for the accent lighting necessary to highlight Laura Gonzalez’s custom-made creations like the soaring domed ceiling that dominates the lobby or for the ornate ten-foot-tall bas-relief based on a Tree of Life drawing made by the designer.


Photos credits : Julien Mouffron-Gardner

Client : Groupe Bertrand
Service : Architectural lighting
Date : March 2022