When women thrive, humanity thrives.

“The façade of the Women’s pavilion is the work of a collective of artists with diverse backgrounds coming together to create a meaningful and powerful statement.

Architect Laura Gonzalez designed the façade panels, inspired by the traditional mashrabiya motif of the region.

By night, the façade is brought to life with a brilliant light show, designed by Pauline David.

Iconic artist eL Seed animates the lower part of the façade with an ode to women composed of vivid colours and poetry, while Emirati graphic designer Kholoud Sharafi translates the unique collaboration between Expo 2020 Dubai and Cartier through the Women’s Pavillion logo.

This journey into new perspectives starts with this façade, a true statement to our mission to express women’s visions of the world and shine a light on their contributions.”

Design : Light is More
Service : Scenography
Date : October 2021