Architectural Lighting – Paris

The Philippe Contincini’s pastry shop is located on “rue de l’Annonciation” in Paris. the boutique reveals the dialogue between the generous heritage of the old pastries and his contemporary, gourmet and punchy vision. 

The interior design is the bridge between these universes. It highlights the patrimony of the craftsman and the modernity of the new gastronomy. 

Inspirations were the ones of a parisian hotel particulier, a large elegant and gourmet house, full of taste and emotion.

Approaching the shop, the facade reveals its big identity. Its modern and welcoming terrace is dressed up with a light “Eiffel green”. With a monochrome windbreaker with black and white stripes, and highlighted with a gold and lighted sign, it offers a large vision of what’s inside. Multiple of brass details bring brightness into the sales areas and catch the eye. All together these elements give this white bright facade lots of golden touches.

In response to these architectural aspirations the neon marquise, the main gesture of light in the space refers to the splendour of the beginning of the last century. Coupled with the vertical mirror coating, its half unfolds there. Pretending to be one, they enlarge the space and let appear a pop and arty flower.

This luminous vision finds its balance between the minerality of the marble floor, its precious marriage to brass, the raspberry coloured-walls and the heat of the wood.

The refinement of the fluted wood present on the triptych of “La selection du chef” is inspired by the model nature of the pilasters and columns of the Parisian facades. facing it, the metal and brass panellists complete this delicate and aesthetic universe and give Philippe Conticini’s creations the setting it deserve.

This project has been realised in collaboration with the studio Light is Design.

Design : Light is More
Service : Architectural lighting
Date : November 2019