Scenography, Art Fair – Paris

Paris Asian Art Fair is the first boutique fair dedicated to presenting galleries and artists from the contemporary Asian art scene.

The lighting of Asia Now, a contemporary art fair, was designed as the meeting of modern works presented in the Haussmanian architecture of Avenue Hoche.

The details of the moldings and the elegance of the fireplaces respond to the industrial and graphic strength of fluorescent tubes/bulbs.

This duality of surface reveals a happy alliance: the energy of a private mansion enhanced by lighting more usually found in industrial settings.

The idea is to highlight the traffic and accompany the flow of visitors.

In effect, the discovery of spaces is carried by these guidelines.

From the courtyard of the mansion, these trajectories on the ceiling are transformed into strong graphic signs that serve as a guidepost or a call to invite those arriving to discover the various exhibition floors.

Client : Paris Asian Art Fair
Service : Scenography
Date : October 2016