Moonlight Horizon

Artist : Pauline David

As you approach the Pavilion of Moonlight Horizon, you find yourself drawn in by this universal nighttime landmark, where the moon acts as a frontier between the sun and the darkness. From the outside, the pavilion envelopes us in its mysterious protective force. Step inside to follow a pathway of stars that gently leads us towards our first encounter with the moon thanks to NASA archives.

The Pavilion of Moonlight Horizon is a poetic, romantic, artistic, scientific and magical experience that takes visitors on a journey of discovery as the moon is sometimes eclipsed behind the Earth, and at other times shines bright in the night. As the projection follows the phases of the moon it is the embodiment and story of the passing of time, the tides, and our daily circadian rhythm.

Design : Light is More
Service : Scenography
Date : November 2022