LV – La Malle Courrier

“The historic heart of Louis Vuitton, the Maison d’Asnières has been home to its workshops since 1859. At once a family home, a workshop and an exhibition space, it has been the scene of constant creative activity from the earliest days to the present ones.

Bringing together the most experienced craftsmen, it provides an ideal setting for the manufacture of exceptional pieces: handbags, rigid pieces and special orders made from rare and precious materials. Moving to the rhythm of hammering nails and sewing machines, this extraordinary living space welcomes visitors for intimate showcases of the House’s iconic creations.

Among them, the Malle Courrier is unveiled in a never-before-seen exhibition. Created in 1858 and patented in 1867, it embodies the spirit of travel with its ingenious light, waterproof structure. With its name inspired by long-haul flights, it embodies all the craftsmanship of Louis Vuitton: lozines, metal corners, rivets, locks, buckles, casework, and so on.”

Client : Louis Vuitton
Service : Scenography
Date : May 2023