Architectural lighting, Academic Fab Lab – Tours

Graphic, this concept is centered on a black line, the only visible light source. Like an arrow through the bay window, the diagonal is divided into two different luminous poles. On one side, an indirect light source to highlight the library, on the other side, projectors on a track that accompany the students in their daily lives.

To highlight the interplay of direct and indirect light, a lighting cove defines the spaces and brings light that is at once discrete and generous to them.

The capture room, intended for media work, next to the reception areas, remains connected to the larger space via the cove. To complete the technical outfitting of the space, a professional bar for attaching projectors is provided.

This project was carried out in collaration with Pauline Pontisso

Créations Light is Design :

Suspension HEXS.10 et HEXS.20, Collection Epsilon

Client : Tours University
Service : Architectural lighting
Date : June 2019