Scenography, Custom made luminous cubes – Palais de Tokyo, Paris

For its fifth “ALERT” edition, the Palais de Tokyo hosts IZOLYATSIA, Platform of cultural initiatives (Donetsk, Ukraine) whose activity and even existence are threatened by war. This ALERT explores, on one day, the subject of the conflict in the East of Ukraine and the place of culture in time of war.

“[…] The IZOLYATSIA event at the Palais de Tokyo explains the history of its foundation and its reflections through its activities on the reality of the war in Ukraine. The exhibition presents the context of the events that unfold there and explores personal stories of those involved in the conflicts of terrorists – civic activists, imprisoned artists, and especially the younger generations of Donetsk. […] »
– Luba Michailova, founder of IZOLYATSIA

As part of this exhibition, we created 6 battery-powered light cubes, to highlight the story and portrait of 6 Ukrainian figures. Batteries with a range of 24 hours, allowed a free walk through the entire exhibition.

Client : Izolyatsia
Service : Lighting scenography
Date : December, 2014