Architectural lighting, Apartment – Paris

This two-story family flat was conceived as a true experience of Light.

The taste of the family influences the visual and artistic impact of the house. The finest selection of the lighting sources, for example, the “Bijoux” chandelier, highlight neighboring artwork. Our innovative hooking system makes highlighting paintings easier.

These lighting effects mix both technology and handicraft. They include the solar cycle in their interactions.

From the concept of a folding screen to the programming of an evolving window, the feel of the Light sources reflects nature and seamlessly marries with the home’s architecture all day long.

Elements speak for themselves : in the living room and the kitchen, color gradations are reflected in mirrors and respond to one another. In the hallways, a thin line of light highlights the dark metal staircase, and in the nursery we matched copper mirrors to the wooden floor. In the bathroom, indirect light underlines the evanescence of the materials at hand.

This project was carried out in collaboration with Light is Design studio

Light is Design creations :

Lili chandelier, Bijoux Collection
HEXA.20DO wall lamps, Epsilon Collection
HEXT.20B table lamp, Epsilon Collection

Client : Private
Service : Architectural lighting
Date : February 2018